Mission Organization

A few months ago, I did a major re-org on my Creative Space… it was long overdue! I absolutely LOVE my space now and no longer feel like I am suffocated by my stash of supplies. It got to the point that I was just feeling overwhelmed and that really stifled my creativity. But now, I enter my space and feel so calm and relaxed…. It’s my Happy Place once again!!

After going through this re-org process, I decided to share some of my Organizational Tips with other Makers and Crafters…. I figure if it helped me, it could possibly help you!! So I am going to be posting regular segments on my FB page called Mission Organization.

My first one is about RIBBON…. Ribbon can really be a beast and can get out of control very quickly! Click the pic below to see my Favorite Way for Organizing and Storing my ribbon stash. It is a huge Space Saver!! Hop on over to my FB page to see my segment. (just click the pic)

Be sure to post your comments after you watch and let me know if you found the info helpful. I want us all to enjoy our Creative Spaces once again. Be sure to watch for more Mission Organization posts.

Happy Organizing and Keep Creating,
Miss Tracy

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