Happy 4th of July! I have a gift for you!

I love preserving and capturing my memories in ScrapBooks! Creating Scrapbook Pages can be so simple and fun with the use of my Page Builder Guides…so today, I’m giving you one that is perfect for featuring a couple of your favorite 4th of July pics!

I want to celebrate my love of Memory Keeping with you today so I am posting the Page Builder Guide here! Now you can quickly and easily create your own Flag Layout!

Watch my time lapse video and see how easy it is to create this Flag Layout…

Page Builder Layout by: Tracy Pounds

This fabulous layout was so fun and simple to make!! Check out the advantages of using Page Builder Guides…They can completely change the way you Scrapbook…

  • Page Builder Guides make Scrapbooking Simple and Fun again!
  • Page Builder Guides are a Great Resource to USE your STASH!
  • Page Builder Guides have Full Instructions, Cut Lists, and Photos!

If you would like access to even more Page Builder Guides check out my Page Builders ClubHouse!! It’s an amazing resource for Memory Keeper’s!!

Click HERE to see all the details and benefits of joining my PageBuilders ClubHouse!!!

All of the PB Guides shared in the ClubHouse are for Double Page Layouts…and did you see the little shaded box in the top right corner of the Guide?? That number tells you how many photos that layout features.

I encourage my Scrappers to print off the PB Guides and keep them in a binder…I have little dividers with numbers so that I can sort the Guides by how many photos each one features. I love that you can reuse them over and over to create beautiful layouts in different themes and papers!

I hope you enjoy this Flag Layout & Page Builder Guide and will consider joining me in this awesome community of Memory Keepers! Come see what my PageBuilders ClubHouse is all about. Click HERE to learn more!

Have a Fabulous & Safe 4th of July Weekend! Don’t forget to take some pics!

Enjoy this Layout!

Happy Scrapping! ~Miss Tracy~

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