Why do I LoVe NaPkiNs?

I often get asked this question and I am always so happy to share my answer! In short, Napkins to me are what I call “Easy Art”. I have always considered myself a Creative Enthusiast but never have I ever really thought of myself as an Artist. It’s just not how I see myself. 


I am more of a Die Hard Maker…a lover of all things DIY! I love being Creative and I love so many forms of Creative Play! One of my favorites… Yep! You guessed it…. I LoVe NaPkiN ArT!! 


I love that I can take a beautiful Napkin and apply it in a way that makes an ordinary surface into an  Extraordinary piece of Decor! I know I have said the word LOVE several times in this post… but that is truly the best emotion to describe how I feel about the Creative Process.


Take a looksie at this FB Live video that I shared in my free FB group that is called Repurpose & Refresh… The group focus is to give fresh,new life to ordinary or old things! Check out this video…. It’s great an Intro to Napkin Art!


If you are intrigued, inspired, or just feeling crafty, I encourage you to try this technique…. Soon you will be falling in LOVE with NaPkiNs and become addicted to the wonders of this Easy Art process!


Through this love of Napkins… Something NEW was born! The Napkin Club… Yay!! This is a fabulous club where Unique Makers (like you) can connect, learn, and be inspired to create with the Unique Napkin Bundles that members will receive each month! 


 This will be a great opportunity for those of you who want to create with unique napkins but don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding them and having to buy full packages. Also as a member, you will have access to a Private Facebook Group (our own private hangout) where I will be sharing great workshops, tips, and techniques using that month’s napkins. 


Interested? Come join us and you will be just in time to get the JULY Bundle of Napkins! Click this link to get more details: THE NAPKIN CLUB 

Come join us! I look forward to sharing more of my Napkin Love with you through Technique Tutorials, Live Videos, and Special Workshops! It’s a great time to start something new!! 


Stay true to your Passion – Keep Creating!!
Miss Tracy 

P.S. Here is the theme of our July Bundle….YaY!!!

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