Mission Organization

A few months ago, I did a major re-org on my Creative Space… it was long overdue! I absolutely LOVE my space now and no longer feel like I am suffocated by my stash of supplies. It got to the point that I was just feeling overwhelmed and that really stifled my creativity. But now, I enter my space and feel so calm and relaxed…. It’s my Happy Place once again!!

After going through this re-org process, I decided to share some of my Organizational Tips with other Makers and Crafters…. I figure if it helped me, it could possibly help you!! So I am going to be posting regular segments on my FB page called Mission Organization.

My first one is about RIBBON…. Ribbon can really be a beast and can get out of control very quickly! Click the pic below to see my Favorite Way for Organizing and Storing my ribbon stash. It is a huge Space Saver!! Hop on over to my FB page to see my segment. (just click the pic)

Be sure to post your comments after you watch and let me know if you found the info helpful. I want us all to enjoy our Creative Spaces once again. Be sure to watch for more Mission Organization posts.

Happy Organizing and Keep Creating,
Miss Tracy

Captured Moments in Time!

I have more Repurposed Clocks to share with you today and hopefully inspire you to create your own Captured Moments in Time! These were all so fun and easy to create… you simply must try this friends!! It is such a great and unique alternative to just putting a photo in a frame.

If you want to learn my process and watch me make one of these beautiful clocks, please visit my FB page here for my DEMO Day segment! If you are crazy for clocks (like me)…. you should definitely check it out…. https://www.facebook.com/misstracycreates/videos/441324097018456

Keep Creating,
Miss Tracy
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Stay true to your Passion – – Keep Creating!!

I love to create! I do! It brings me so much JOY! ,,,,and I want others to experience that JOY! I truly believe that Creating is good for the mind, body, and soul!!

I have started something NEW over on my Facebook Page…. @misstracycreates. Every week I am sharing what I call a DEMO DAY. I go LIVE on my FB Page and Demonstrate a NEW technique or project every week. I would love for you to check out the last two…. and let me know what you think!

The topics and techniques of my DEMO DAY segments will always be fresh & new!! Here are links to the first two…. Watch – Learn – Create…. and most of all ENJOY them!! ~Miss Tracy

Demo Day: Repurposing CLOCKS in a fun new way!

Demo Day: Using Crackle Medium!

Happy 4th of July! I have a gift for you!

I love preserving and capturing my memories in ScrapBooks! Creating Scrapbook Pages can be so simple and fun with the use of my Page Builder Guides…so today, I’m giving you one that is perfect for featuring a couple of your favorite 4th of July pics!

I want to celebrate my love of Memory Keeping with you today so I am posting the Page Builder Guide here! Now you can quickly and easily create your own Flag Layout!

Watch my time lapse video and see how easy it is to create this Flag Layout…

Page Builder Layout by: Tracy Pounds

This fabulous layout was so fun and simple to make!! Check out the advantages of using Page Builder Guides…They can completely change the way you Scrapbook…

  • Page Builder Guides make Scrapbooking Simple and Fun again!
  • Page Builder Guides are a Great Resource to USE your STASH!
  • Page Builder Guides have Full Instructions, Cut Lists, and Photos!

If you would like access to even more Page Builder Guides check out my Page Builders ClubHouse!! It’s an amazing resource for Memory Keeper’s!!

Click HERE to see all the details and benefits of joining my PageBuilders ClubHouse!!!

All of the PB Guides shared in the ClubHouse are for Double Page Layouts…and did you see the little shaded box in the top right corner of the Guide?? That number tells you how many photos that layout features.

I encourage my Scrappers to print off the PB Guides and keep them in a binder…I have little dividers with numbers so that I can sort the Guides by how many photos each one features. I love that you can reuse them over and over to create beautiful layouts in different themes and papers!

I hope you enjoy this Flag Layout & Page Builder Guide and will consider joining me in this awesome community of Memory Keepers! Come see what my PageBuilders ClubHouse is all about. Click HERE to learn more!

Have a Fabulous & Safe 4th of July Weekend! Don’t forget to take some pics!

Enjoy this Layout!

Happy Scrapping! ~Miss Tracy~

Why do I LoVe NaPkiNs?

I often get asked this question and I am always so happy to share my answer! In short, Napkins to me are what I call “Easy Art”. I have always considered myself a Creative Enthusiast but never have I ever really thought of myself as an Artist. It’s just not how I see myself. 


I am more of a Die Hard Maker…a lover of all things DIY! I love being Creative and I love so many forms of Creative Play! One of my favorites… Yep! You guessed it…. I LoVe NaPkiN ArT!! 


I love that I can take a beautiful Napkin and apply it in a way that makes an ordinary surface into an  Extraordinary piece of Decor! I know I have said the word LOVE several times in this post… but that is truly the best emotion to describe how I feel about the Creative Process.


Take a looksie at this FB Live video that I shared in my free FB group that is called Repurpose & Refresh… The group focus is to give fresh,new life to ordinary or old things! Check out this video…. It’s great an Intro to Napkin Art!


If you are intrigued, inspired, or just feeling crafty, I encourage you to try this technique…. Soon you will be falling in LOVE with NaPkiNs and become addicted to the wonders of this Easy Art process!


Through this love of Napkins… Something NEW was born! The Napkin Club… Yay!! This is a fabulous club where Unique Makers (like you) can connect, learn, and be inspired to create with the Unique Napkin Bundles that members will receive each month! 


 This will be a great opportunity for those of you who want to create with unique napkins but don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding them and having to buy full packages. Also as a member, you will have access to a Private Facebook Group (our own private hangout) where I will be sharing great workshops, tips, and techniques using that month’s napkins. 


Interested? Come join us and you will be just in time to get the JULY Bundle of Napkins! Click this link to get more details: THE NAPKIN CLUB 

Come join us! I look forward to sharing more of my Napkin Love with you through Technique Tutorials, Live Videos, and Special Workshops! It’s a great time to start something new!! 


Stay true to your Passion – Keep Creating!!
Miss Tracy 

P.S. Here is the theme of our July Bundle….YaY!!!

Getting Creative with Doilies!

Delightful Doilies DIY

I absolutely adore vintage Doilies! I think they are so pretty and I love the beautiful, handmade details and texture! The different styles and colors just make me happy!! …and because of this, I have now built up quite a Stash of them…LoL!!

I’ve been challenging myself to start using my Doily Stash in unique and creative ways. Here a couple of projects that I have made with them…Oh and before some of you panic,,,these are No-Sew DIY’s….

I have a wonderful FREE Maker’s Group on Facebook called Repurpose & Refresh and did a FB Live on my Delightful Doilie DIY processin that group. Watch it HERE and prepare to be inspired and excited to get Creative with Doilies! Be sure to follow my NEW blog for more inspiring projects! I love to share them with others! 

Stay true to your Passion- – Keep Creating!!
Miss Tracy 

Join me in The Napkin Club!

The Napkin Club is now OPEN!!!

I am thrilled to reveal my next Napkin Bundle that will be shipping the first week of June! The name of this bundle is “Red, White, and Beautiful!” and it is overflowing with Summer Sweetness and Patriotic Charm! Here are a few peeks of 4 of the 13 Napkins that are in the June Bundle….You will LOVE them!!!

Patriotic Ball Jars
Summer in Bloom
Oh My Stars
The Berry Best

What is The Napkin Club?

The Napkin Club is a fabulous Club where Unique Makers can connect, learn, and be inspired to create with the Individual Unique Napkin Collections that they as Members will receive every month! A place where Napkin Lover’s can unite and be inspired! Hosted by me, Miss Tracy of The Little Blue House. Read On for all of the details and learn how you can benefit from being a Member of The Napkin Club!

The Napkin Club… a great opportunity for those of you who want to create with individual unique napkins but don’t want the hassle of finding them and having to buy full packages. It will also be a great opportunity for you to view fabulous tutorials from me and see great inspiring projects that I have made with the Unique Napkins each month! Are you excited??? I am!!! Check out a few of the benefits you will receive from being a Member of The Napkin Club:


*Each month YOU will receive a Unique assortment of Napkins hand-selected and curated by me, Miss Tracy! You will Love getting 12 individual napkins each a different style! Consider the fact that each napkin has 4 images on each folded section (x12 Napkins)…that gives you lots of Creative options to “Napkinize” with! 
*FREE Shipping

*Fun Reveal Days of each month’s Unique Napkins
*at least 2 workshops a month specially designed for Members Only featuring the Unique Napkin Bundle of that month!
*Access to The Napkin Club private DIY community on Facebook….YaY! Our own personal Hang Out! 
*Shared Project Inspiration and Techniques by me related to our Napkins but also for the surfaces and “things” we will be “napkinizing”! I have so much to share and teach you!
*Special Challenges and Prize Drawings along with other FUN sprinkled in throughout each month! 


Because this is a very NEW Club…I am offering a reduced rate of $ 22 a month for FOUNDING MEMBERS only! Don’t delay, access to The Napkin Club will only be open for a short window of time at this reduced price.  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! One class would cost more than this low monthly fee…not to mention the money you will be saving by not having to buy full packages of napkins each month. There is no cancellation fee and you can cancel at any time.


So come JOIN ME and other unique Makers…and prepare to BE Inspired! Click the Subscribe link to become a founding MEMBER of THE NAPKIN CLUB today! 

Join now to ensure that you receive the June Bundle…”Red, White, and Beautiful!” begins shipping on Wed. June 3rd.  Follow me over on my Facebook Page for more Sneak Peeks over the next few days! 

Keep Creating! ~Miss Tracy

Repurpose and Refresh with Napkin Collage! Check out my Refreshed Corkboard…

I love to Repurpose…It’s something I’m very passionate about! …and today, I’m going to share with you how I took a very old, large corkboard and gave it fresh, new life for my newly reclaimed room that is becoming my home Crafting Space!

I will show you every step of this amazing transformation! Here are the items that I used:
Country Chic Paints – Chalk & Mineral based paint (Simplicity), White Shiplap Napkins, pretty Floral Napkins, Mod Podge Matte, PaintBrush, and Natural Bristle Brush.

Available at my studio, The Little Blue House!

So to begin, I cleaned up the corkboard to remove any dust. Basically just a good wipe down! Then I began to paint… Here is a look at what the first coat will look like. The cork will really soak up the paint so it will look very streaky…I just painted out the first coat very quickly and then let it dry.

I have to tell you, I was more than a bit nervous at this point…. I just wasn’t sure how many coats of paint it would take since the cork was soaking it up so much. But look what a huge difference the second coat of CCP Simplicity made….

So much better! Now be sure if you happen to attempt a corkboard transformation, to let each coat of paint dry completely before painting the next coat. This way the first coat becomes more like a Primer and it helps seal the cork.

Now for my final coat of paint…. I decided to use the same paint that I used on the walls of my room….and I am SO HAPPY that I did!! It made the Cork Board blend right in with my walls…. LOVE how this looks!! My walls in this space are painted with Behr Satin Paint and the name is Cottonball…a beautiful white!!

Once the final coat of paint was dry…. I moved on to the FUN part of this Makeover!! The NAPKINS!! Yay!! I love using Napkins to breathe fresh, new life into old pieces….and these pretty White Shiplap Napkins were the perfect choice for my corkboard. I am addicted to Napkin Art….really y’all, it makes my heart happy!! …. I have been creating with Napkins and sharing my passion for them every chance I get! I have even started a Napkin Club…and I am having a blast sharing workshops and techniques with my Club Members. If you want to know more about that….Click HERE.

So the next step was to “Napkinize” … (that’s my word for it…LoL!) … My favorite part! You must separate the plies from the napkins and applying the top tissue to my corkboard using a thin, even coat of Mod Podge Matte. Working carefully to position it just right and then pouncing in an up down motion over the entire napkin with a natural bristle brush…this ensures that the napkin gets pushed down into all the texture of the cork. I kept repeating the process until my board was covered and I am IN LOVE with how it turned out!!

My beautiful White Shiplap Napkins!!!!

Above is the view from across the room…. Look past my mess and my Sonic Cup…LoL!! So incredibly pretty!! I love that it now looks like actual shiplap but it’s still functional as a corkboard!! Clever and Cute!!

I wanted to decorate it up just a bit more… So what did I grab?!?! More Napkins of course…LoL!! This was a napkin shared in my April Bundle of The Napkin Club and it was the perfect choice for my shiplap corkboard. I did a little detail cutting on them and added some to each corner….

This was such a Fun and Simple Transformation!! What do you think?? Inspired??

I’m so happy that I kept this old, large corkboard….. I love that it is now living it’s newly Repurposed and Refreshed Life in my NEW Craft Room!! I even found the perfect tacks for it!! Look at how adorable these wide wood clothespins are…they have tacks mounted on them… So I can clip up whatever I want and don’t have the worry of putting a hole in it… so awesome!!

I hope that my beautiful, functional corkboard has inspired you today!! If you want to continue to see more inspiration from me, please subscribe here to my NEW blog!! I would love for you to also follow me on FB and IG at @misstracycreates for more great “Napkinized” and Repurposed Projects!!

Have a great weekend!! Get crafty if you can…it does a body good!!
Keep Creating,
Miss Tracy

Welcome to my NEW Creative Blog!

Hello everyone!! I am Tracy Pounds…you can call me Miss Tracy and my Creative Arts Studio is called The Little Blue House. I am so excited to be launching my NEW Blog!
I have been wanting to offer some Creative Posts for quite some time now….and finally working towards that goal! I LoVe ALL forms of CreaTive PLaY and it’s my mission to inspire you to CreaTe along with Me! Are you ready to be InSpiRed?!?! Are you ready to LeaRn something NeW?!?! Are you ready to feel CreaTively ReFreshed?!?! Then you are in the right place my friend! Follow along, POSTS are COMING SOON!

Stay true to your Passion – – Keep Creating!!
Miss Tracy

Miss Tracy of
The Little Blue House